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Can Private Interviews With Sunette Change Your Life?

Hello, my name is Ryan Tang. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Sunette, Desteni farm and EQAFE store for giving me a precious chance to have private interviews specifically about me, and my process through the assistance of the interdimensional Portal. The private interviews do share a lot of significant points which are […]

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Are You Facing Conflict at Work?

Recently I had been facing some conflict with a co-worker. Now this was not a face to face conflict, it was an internal war I was having against a colleague; reactions towards her for how she spoke, how she acted and how I ‘felt’ she was being around me. It was quite obvious there were […]

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Do You Feel Trapped By Your School Environment?

The interviews Behind the Scenes of Office Politics & I am a Nerd and Proud of It were recommended to me in response to what I had written in my last blog post, and after listening to them I do as well highly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing difficulties (or not necessarily) in […]

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How Gossip can Ruin Your Life

Gossiping – it’s something that seems to just form part of social life -where we talk shit about people behind their backs to others. Sometimes it is used deliberately to sabotage a person’s position or status, other times it seems harmless and innocent – but it’s not. The Life Review ‘Facing Gossip’ is about a […]