Personal interviews

Discover New Sides of Yourself With A Private Interview

My experience and review of the private interview I received through the eqafe site was everything and more then I could have imagined. I did in fact for a moment try and imagine what was going to be said in this interview, how it would come out, and what I will learn from it, though I stopped because I realized that there is no point in doing this. I have been listening to the interdimensional portal for years and learning so much about the universe and different aspects of my life through this source, though with this private interview request, I got access to parts of myself that I could not have conceived or imagined in the sense that I have no access to what was shared, it was about deep points within me and based on information that I have long sense forgotten. So my attempts to imagine what was said was confirmed to be futile because what was brought through was much more valuable and personal then what my mind could have conjured up. It was much more substantial and real.

I have been walking the Desteni I Process for over six years now, so through these six years I have progressed and also uncovered many layers to my mind and the information that is accumulated within me, which has come with challenges as well as gifts. This interview was a gift that I am grateful for as it explained parts of myself that I have been investigating and slowly, but surely opening up to understand, though through this interview, I was given some keys to uncover the reason why I am experiencing myself in ways that have baffled me for most of my life. They also share ways to real tangible and practically support to move through these inner conflicts I have been experiencing for a long time to live to my utmost potential, which has been my goal since childhood.

For example, one point I have been walking for years and have always identified within my life has been insecurity and a feeling of doubt within my abilities. Though there is a part of me within myself that I have always recognized that knows that I am strong, I have capabilities that I can be proud of, and that I have strengths such as leadership abilities. So I have been in conflict for quite some time within myself in regards to feeling strong internal, but in my external world feeling insecure and weak. Over the years in walking my dip process, I have made progress through this pattern, but I can say that within this interview they gave me access to the truth of myself that I foresee would have taken me many years to see for myself. The truth they shared is that I as a child had a reaction to someone very close to me who stood as confident, strong, assertive, and secure within themselves, but they expressed this towards me in a way where it was emotional. I from that time decided to go into a form of insecurity because I didn’t want to experience this emotional type reaction within my interactions with others, so I simply stayed way from being secure and confident and become more introverted and shy.

This is just one point out of many in the interview were they unlocked a key for me to understand something about myself that I could not have had access to otherwise, and I see that is why this source of support as the interndimensional portal is here, to support life to stand up within ourselves and walk what has to be walked to live to our utmost potential. This was my basic experience of my private interview that I received, and I suggest all who have any inclining or desire to understand something about yourself or something in your life that is causing conflict or uncertainty, to invest in this opportunity as it’s been proven hundred times over within me that it will support you and support your life as it has done for me to become the best I can be.

I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity of having such intimate access to myself and use this as a point of support throughout my process to understand there is more that meets the eye about who I have become and how this world exist as, and there is always support to walk what has to be walked. I will honor myself as I honor everyone else that has supported me over the years to walk in a way that utilize what I have been given to the best of my ability and be a plus one for a world that is best for all. And I hope you will as well, enjoy the site and definitely check out these interview supports from a place that is unlike any other in this world.


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