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A Unique Private Interview: My Christmas Gift to Myself and My body

For quite some time I have been struggling with points related to my body. It was various points having to do with anything from eating to relaxing and exercising, all point to something in my relationship with my body being ‘out of whack’. I just couldn’t find the red thread in it all.

I have worked with these points for several years in various ways throughout my process without ever really getting to the core point in it all. I started to feel frustrated because no matter what I did or what I looked at within me, it was as though I just couldn’t get to the bottom of what was going on inside me.

Together with my partner I decided to gift myself a unique private recording through the portal. You could say that it was like an early Christmas present to myself.

It is quite a gift to be able to order your own unique interview where you can ask anything you like and for a couple of days I pondered what questions to ask.

Before even ordering the interview I communicated with the Eqafe team on my topic of choice to make sure that I got points that I wanted the recording to cover. Then, once I had ordered the recording it was in my Eqafe account within a matter of a few days.

I got a message from the Eqafe team that the recording was in my account while I was driving back from work. I couldn’t wait to listen to the recording so I immediately downloaded it and listened to it as I as driving.

What makes a unique recording different from the regular recordings on Eqafe is that it specifically addresses your life and process in a very direct way. In my case it was my mind, body and being that came through so as to be able to stand together and give a holistic perspective on what was going on in my relationship with my body.

I can strongly recommend for anyone who finds themselves struggling with certain points in their process to give themselves the gift of a unique recording. What is so cool about it, is that you can ask anything you like – whether you are interested in your past lives or want perspectives on a certain behavioral pattern you are stuck in like I was.

The recording supported me immensely to place into words what I was going through and sort of lift my eyes from the ‘mud’ to be able to see everything with much needed clarity.

I’m not saying that the recording will tell you what you want to hear, quite the contrary. The recording was so ‘spot on’ in showing me exactly how I had created the point that I was now facing.

The gloves came off so to speak which I was grateful for, because I didn’t order the recording just for fun and giggles, but because I seriously wanted some additional perspectives to help me see through the veils of my mind that was preventing me from moving forward and changing in my relationship with my body, and it sure helped me with doing just that.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to get such specific and direct support through the portal to connect with my own being and body and I must say that it makes you feel safe in a world that is otherwise chaotic and conflicting at times, to know that you have this opportunity to reach out for support – and getting exactly the support needed to help you move forward in your process.

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