Health Private Interview

Healing My Physical Body

I have asked for an individualized interview through the Portal with my physical body and especially with my large intestine, so that I can understand more what is going on within my physical body and use symptoms as support for myself to walk through certain patterns within the mind consciousness system in/as myself.

“My large intestine is speaking in the fore-ground but my whole mind-being-body awareness on a very deep level comes through to explain how this interrelated connection is set up within/as me. All my organs are under pressure in different ways and this has been so for most of my life because of the emotional suppressed transferences.”

“Each time I access an emotion or feeling this gets discharged, channeled, layered, stored in the physical body. Within most people, the emotional and feeling energy gets channeled through the ‘muscle energy highways’ through the muscles and through the veins of the physical body. So for most people the mind consciousness energy moves through the muscles. This is so because the muscle tissue is strong and more absorbent, detailed and specific in its structure and geometry to absorb, channel, discharge, layer, move the mind-consciousness energy as one access it in real time moments. Like networks and train-tracks in the muscle tissue group of the physical body.”

“Within my physical body, my mind did not set up my emotional and feeling energy bodies movements and channeling and networking and absorption through the muscle groups but through the organs. The heart, intestines, stomach, bladder, kidneys, liver are doing the work that the rest of my body should actually be doing. It is a generational thing, meaning that there are some people within my past generations who have also had this problem. It is not life threatening and it allowed me to on an early age have an awareness of my emotional and feeling energy and where in I do get emotional but not allow myself to be too much overwhelmed or pulled into emotions and feelings, but am quickly able to slow myself down and look at things with clarity.  So this one could call a ‘gift in disguise’.”

“The physical consequence of this ‘set up’ is that my organs have been most of my life a bit under pressure –  but throughout my life, my body reasonably adapted; it strengthened my intestines, heart, organs. As explained has my muscle tissue not been used as a ‘muscle energy highway’ and because of not being used for this, the muscle tissue deteriorated to some degree; this because a lot of muscle development has been pre-programmed to be in line with the development and evolution of the mind where the muscles are normally be used by the mind consciousness system (and so ‘strengthening’ in a way). This is causing for the rest of my muscles and physical body to be and feel more ‘weak’ or less strong.”

This first part of the interview is clarifying a lot of what I am walking from about the age of 16 (I am 42, almost 43 at the moment). I have taken on everything I could to investigate and support my organs, all related within the area of natural medicine and I am still working in this environment. I did not know of this set up as how it is described within the interview. But I did notice that ‘something was not as how it should be’ when I looked at my physical condition and this in relation to my life in general. I did find out pretty early that certain organ manifestations were related to emotional experiences and I noticed in some degree the suppression there of within myself; I also found out later in life that feeling experiences influenced me physically very much so I could not allow myself to really dive into feelings as for example are coming up in a so called ‘love relationship’ as I could physically not handle the energy within my body for let’s say more than a week. So I often was within situations where I or the other stopped this relationship-process somehow. Which in itself I saw as a pattern and that bothered me a lot, because I did not really nor completely understand how I could support myself through.

With the natural medicine and food alignments I have through the years found ways to support, strengthen and stabilize my organs more or less (where in my physical condition and some organs had been weakened pretty much in my late twenties and begin thirties) but during this I noticed that there was a mind-influence that I could not get a hold on and so, the physical support is only ‘working’ to some degree. I did see a direct relation with symptoms within my organs and what I did not understood, is how I could have so much physical influence of my mind and others not, while of course I have my emotional patterns as everyone else, but I did not see them as so much more extensive than others, but sometimes started to believe that they are in someway. So this is all creating extra energy again of reacting to what happens within my body without really understanding how it works. Which is influencing my organs again, etc.

I do see now why I saw the mind-body relationship directly within myself. I did not understand how it could not be recognized by many others because within myself, it was obvious existing. I do now understand how this can be set up differently. Standing up and finding solutions for what we sense in a way, is however another story. I can describe it now as that I need my own beingness-direction here and I can only find myself within and while walking through the mind and learn how I have manifested this within my physical body. We all have things within ourselves that we do ‘sense’ but cannot see completely by ourselves alone. The information given within this interview is one example of this. I do need support in this and so has everyone points where support from others is needed.

When I started walking the Desteni I Process, I noticed to have finally found a structure and support to really get to know and support myself within this trinity of the mind-being-body relationship and I continue walking this until it is done, for myself and others. But only now with the information of my mind-being-body awareness itself on a very deep level through the Portal, I do understand why I physically experience myself as how I do. It supports me to accept the physical consequences and I do no longer need to ‘blame’ myself for it – something that I could not really forgive myself for because I did not really understand the set up within my body and how it is related to my physical condition and mind patterns.

So, I have a new starting-point to walk from now within this mind-being-body inter-connectedness; things that I could not really place into context are opening up and I am grateful for this – where in my organs will be of support to walk through different personality systems. In the second part of the interview, the large intestine is giving more detailed information of personality systems related to this organ, which is something that I need to take on at the moment. I will not expand on this here as it is something that I first need to investigate, forgive and walk through for myself.

At the same time I will move on with the physical support and alignment as how I have learned myself to do throughout the years as a physical basic-platform. I do no longer need to worry about why my muscles are not really building up but will see if I can keep them stable and in form as they are and how I am already doing, to keep on walking my life and process in/as the physical on earth.

So for whomever is having questions that you would like to see clarified as a support to understand (and so forgive) yourself and your physical body, I can really suggest an individualized or private interview through the Portal. This combined with walking the Desteni I Process as self-support to start walking with and through your mind, into the physical body. As a way to start walking towards and standing up in oneness and equality with and as Life as a whole.

And to learn that we are able to support ourselves and each other within this, that we are able to change within and as ourselves to what is best for all, slowly, together yet alone, alone yet together, if we are willing to do so. The ones who are reading this blog, are most likely belonging to the group of people that do have the possibility to already start, this with regards to our position in this world and related to money and basic needs providence.

I find it the greatest gift to learn how to support myself and stand together with others within this. Will it be challenging? Yes. For sure. For myself I can say, it is as challenging as what I had to walk before, alone with myself and only a few others and it is only getting better while I understand more and more of myself and because of walking with already many others around the world who have made the same decision to do so. Within this I am an example that one is able to face oneself within one’s emotions without getting lost in it. I have faced pretty much of it and still need to open up all the things I have suppressed. A process that my organs will support me with.


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