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I usually have dreams where I can somehow decipher what they could mean to me by writing about them and seeing what my experiences were in the situation and then coming up with a point to reflect on. However, this time it was different. I had one in particular where the symbolism presented in it was simply out of my reach to understand. I dreamed with animals in specific situations that if one attempts to find out a meaning based on ‘dream meaning sites’ you can only get the worst of the worst kind of omen coming at your door and having to be cautious of everyone around you for you are up for some great  disappointments! Ha ha, of course this can cause more paranoia and ‘what ifs’ that lead us nowhere.

So, due to the kind of animals and how they were relating to me in the dream I knew that this would be worth while investigating in depth. Fortunately now one can have a personalized and actual in-depth self-revelation with Eqafe’s Dream Readings, and I just knew that this was the kind of dream that I could definitely benefit from understanding within the context of my process of self-change and also to clarify many of the initial perceived ideas in relation to what I would do in the dream with the animals, which to summarize it would be usually associated with something dangerous, almost like dealing with a constant threat of attack – but! Upon receiving my audio recording explaining the symbolism of the different animals in the dreams, I completely had to step aside from any expectation I had created about the dream before and that it actually was a very clear depiction of where I personally am in my process of self-awareness and self-change, as well as giving myself the actual key or solution to a particular point that I’ve been facing within my mind for many, many years.

Needless to say, now I realize the great potential that Dream Readings have for many of us that might think that certain dreams that stick with us for days or weeks could in fact mean something very relevant for us and so, one can now request a reading for it and get the ‘translation’ of it with a detailed and relatable explanation that might just help one open a door and close another in a point we are or have been facing for a while in our minds and lives.

I’m quite grateful to have cleared up myself with regards to the dream, the relationship with the animals, to get to know the symbolism they represented within a personal context, which one won’t certainly get on any other source but in Eqafe.

Thanks for making this option available! A definitive Must Try!

Visit Eqafe and order your own Dream Reading!

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