Because ‘’I’m sick’’

I developed a pretty nasty strong cold that left me quite tired and weak that last few days. I knew there was an EQAFE recording on the nature of Colds/Flus so I made sure to listen to it the day I stayed home from work.

‘’The Evolution of the Common Cold’’ by the Future of Consciousness is a fascinating recording that highlights the dimensions of these particular viruses and why they are becoming stronger and longer lasting in humanity.  I was able to gain support on what mind dimensions to specifically work on when I have a cold or flu, and how to support oneself physically during this time.

It was most interesting when the being in the recording mentioned the typical excuses we make when sick like ‘’Oh I’m too sick to do writing, or self-forgiveness,’’ and how this is not so because our beingness, which is buried deep down within us and suppressed by our Mind Consciousness System is not sick, is still intact and able to be supported with the necessary Self-Forgiveness, Writing and Self-Corrective Application. 

This ordeal reminded me of my teenager years, when I was sick I would use the time to watch tons of TV and justify this was ok because ‘’I’m sick.’’ There is also the emotional dimension of going into self-pity, feeling sorry for yourself and existing in a victimized state which was also mentioned by Kristina through her blog, where you want to ask others to do things for you because you are ‘’so sick,’’ or ‘’can’ do it,’’ when you know you are capable to an extent.

So I’d like to thank EQAFE for it’s support on the recording.  Being sick is actually a great time to work with emotional memories and points that have been emphasized the last couple of months, and best to sort them out during your sick-period due so that way when/if you get a cold or flu again, it will not be so intense as before.

So, coming from watching tons of TV and becoming needy around people when sick, I shifted my focus more on taking care of myself through giving my physical body the nutrition and medicinal support it needs as well as the self care for my self/beingness with the self-purification tools of writing, forgiveness, self-corrective applications, and living words.

Michelle M

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