EQAFE Stories Reviews

Immediate Support

“What EQAFE has meant to me?

EQAFE is like some kind of immediate support for me, while I had stuck me in some point of my process. That moment I could get some seen/understood/realization about my mind recycling patterns or personalities, and saw what/how I had accepted and allowed me to do onto me myself/my body and of course every person around me, especially my mother.

Almost every series of EQAFE had assisted me in different moments during my own process. For example, the Shocking Secrets of Masturbation, after reading I was aware of that I was always  thought “I believe other people around me was what kind of people ”, these thoughts/images/back chats were just excuses=illusions that I made inside my mind, but not the real informations that I communicated with others in reality. And throuth reading Kryon-My Existential History, I get to know the relationships with my mind, with my body, and the relationship of my mind with physical body more clearly. I could aware and recognize various feelings or symptoms in/on my body itself, from numb/insensible and confused to understand/comprehend more a bit. I could see/understand/realize more about what it is that my own self-embraced/self-accepted/self-assisted for myself. Reptilians, especially part561 and part562, let me saw that I was the only creator of what is my inner equal to what is my outside as who I am now. And so I could take my responsibility for every point, one by one. etc. etc.…

I would listen/read every interview/recording several times in different moment during my dailylife, and it would always brings me some new discoveries and realizations forth. I saw that I could re-script me how to live myself as life as every breath in every moment at here by learning the products of EQAFE. 

I hope there will be more chinese products/interviews in EQAFE in the future, so that more chinese people would benefit from EQAFE.

Thanks those people who contributed to produced and transcribed and translated EQAFE products, and assisted with the building of this massive library. I am looking forward for the big changes of EQAFE!

Sincerely thanks “

~ Hong Gao

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