EQAFE Stories Reviews

Sophisticated and Untapped

“EQAFE for me was like the Desteni youtube channel that you had to pay for – since I was into Desteni back when it was still on youtube with thousands of videos for free. It has been nice getting a gift every now and then upon request from some generous people as well as the chance to pinpoint something very specific that I wanted answered in my life and be able to find it. Kinda like Joe’s analogy, its always been nice to know that I can go into EQAFE and learn something I need to learn, learn something I may be afraid to learn, and learn something I already knew but to hear it out a calm, cool, collected voice is comforting and familiar and be able to rely on it being there. I always know I can go to EQAFE and get some of the most sophisticated and untapped information in the universe, and that is a comfort within itself.”

~ Christopher


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