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My EQAFE Unlimited Experience So Far…

We received two emails from Alison this week where she shares with us her experience with EQAFE Unlimited since the launch, have a read.

This is the first email we received:

“It’s fantastic….

I have listened to all of ‘Untold Story of Heaven and Earth’ which I found helpful and powerful. Previously I had not really considered purchasing this series, because the title conveyed to me that it was a historical and informational series, but it wasn’t at all. It was Anu challenging us on many levels. So this is the great benefit of having unlimited access to everything. I can browse, try out different series and find what is best for me to hear. I feel I can finally support myself in the best way possible with what is available here.

Thank you for opening the gates.


A few days later we received a second email:

“I’m writing again,

I just want to say, that actually this is life changing for me…. now that I am listening to a whole lot of video and interviews.

Thank you so much for opening the materials up in this way. It was what was needed. 

Kind regards,


Read more about our EQAFE for All initiative here and sign up for EQAFE Unlmited before the end of January to receive some sweet bonuses!!


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