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The Power of BREATH

When I first got into Desteni, breath was a point that was constantly emphasized.

I realised how effective it would be and also what it would imply. I didn’t like the prospect of being here, in every breath. To me, it was like having to give up all that was dear to me.

(you mean I have to breathe and be aware even while I am sleeping? Bernard: Yes, even then. Me thinking: but being able to black out every night and just not exist for a moment is what keeps me going, it’s my reward of having to endure a whole day of dealing with all that inner conflict).

In that moment I made a subconscious decision that ‘this is not for me’ – yet knowing I would have to walk this inevitably some day. As my daily frustrations grew, I was forced to consider my breath, my presence, me being deliberate in every moment.

It’s been the days and moment where I pushed the breath point that I made my biggest strides inside myself. But it’s so easy to dismiss. It’s here all the time, everyone ‘does it’. It’s not some special course, it’s not a high-tech gadget to get excited to buy, something you can possess to feel better and improved. It’s a consistent action, decision and movement.

If you’ve been dismissing the importance of awareness within breath, or maybe just need a reminder of what actually happens when you apply yourself in breath – this bundle is for you. If you don’t fit any of these, this bundle is still for you lol.


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