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The Power of BREATH

When I first got into Desteni, breath was a point that was constantly emphasized. I realised how effective it would be and also what it would imply. I didn’t like the prospect of being here, in every breath. To me, it was like having to give up all that was dear to me. (you mean […]

Mental Health Self-Relationship

Changing My Relationship to Memories Discussing recordings on about Memories and the impact they had on me to re look at my approach towards memories and current situations in my life in order to stick to the facts and limit myself and manipulate or distort reality to fit a story that suits me to the way that I’d like to […]


Eqafe is like a candy store – except it is different

I listen to recordings from Eqafe almost every day. It is kind of like being a kid in a candystore, except here I get to pick between in depth and practical life advice, relationship support, and learning about existential history. At the moment I am busy re-listening to the parenting series, a series that in […]