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“Eqafe has been an intricate part of my life for many years now. The weekly recordings have become part of my very being to the point where when I’m out in my day, living my life, working, with family, with friends, or with my animals… there are many times when something I’ve heard in an […]



Pertaining to the Atlanteans Series on Nervousness: “I really recommend this series of recordings to anyone who wants to be done with such self-disempowerment!” 1550 deconstructing nervousness – Atlanteans part 89 1564 overcoming nervousness – Atlanteans part 90 1569 overcoming nervousness – part 2 – Atlanteans part 91 1585 sounding self-forgiveness for nervousness – Atlanteans […]

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Why Do I Fear Eye Contact?

The search terms I used to find this particular interview on Eqafe was “eye contact.” I wanted to know more about eye contact – why have I ALWAYS avoided eye contact with others, why did I see myself as more comfortable when avoiding eye contact? The interview itself is named From Shyness to Self Confidence – Life Review. […]