EQAFE Stories Reviews

The Power of BREATH

When I first got into Desteni, breath was a point that was constantly emphasized. I realised how effective it would be and also what it would imply. I didn’t like the prospect of being here, in every breath. To me, it was like having to give up all that was dear to me. (you mean […]


My Favorite Series on EQAFE

My Favorite series on EQAFE used to be the Life Review series because… who doesn’t like to hear a good story and at the same time learn some valuable life lessons? But now, I have to say that the Atlanteans series takes the cake for me – and here’s why: In the Atlanteans series every […]

Health Private Interview

Healing My Physical Body

I have asked for an individualized interview through the Portal with my physical body and especially with my large intestine, so that I can understand more what is going on within my physical body and use symptoms as support for myself to walk through certain patterns within the mind consciousness system in/as myself. “My large […]