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Find the original post here: I was made aware of a specific point, from investigating myself and my past, together with a friend who helped me to ground the concepts, energies and memories from my childhood. I was made aware that I had lived with abandoning myself, what is called “abandoned child syndrome”, or […]

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Why Do I Fear Eye Contact?

The search terms I used to find this particular interview on Eqafe was “eye contact.” I wanted to know more about eye contact – why have I ALWAYS avoided eye contact with others, why did I see myself as more comfortable when avoiding eye contact? The interview itself is named From Shyness to Self Confidence – Life Review. […]

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How Personal Eqafe Interviews Help Me Through Sickness

Sometimes, I can’t believe this is how my story goes. Meaning the way my life is at the moment with where I am as I continue to get well from cancer. Within that realization my mind is like on mourning mode and sometimes I get lost in it… Then, last night I dreamed I was […]