Relating to the Word Abandoned

The author of this post asked to remain anonymous After sitting with myself and the cats, speaking self-forgiveness on what is coming up within me while focusing on the area of my physical body around pelvic and lower belly area: Ovaria’s; at the high of Not feeling worthy as a woman without having children Like […]

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Why Do I Fear Eye Contact?

The search terms I used to find this particular interview on Eqafe was “eye contact.” I wanted to know more about eye contact – why have I ALWAYS avoided eye contact with others, why did I see myself as more comfortable when avoiding eye contact? The interview itself is named From Shyness to Self Confidence – Life Review. […]

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My Own Beingness Interview

Something happened to me today, I found out something. Something that I didn’t expect. For a moment, again for the second time in my life, I was awe struck. My whole world that I had known and participated in was in a moment ‘blown apart’ Or at least that is how I experienced it. lol […]