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My Opportunity to Learn to Lead Myself

“我忘了何時開始Desteni和Eqafe的,只知道我會一直持續進行著。 當我洗著碗、騎著車,當我參與憤恕、指責等等時,我感謝Desteni和Eqafe讓我知道我可以如何支持、協助、理解、接納我自己並承擔責任。 在Eqafe的生命回顧中,有段大概說到  ‘如果我有機會重做,我會這樣做,會如何如何等..’  所以我很幸運,我現在就擁有機會,我可以學習如何主導我去面對我的生活。 閱讀Eqafe的文章/視頻從初看到之後的反覆去看總有不同層次/深度的理解及瞬間感到的寧靜哈!就像為我量身訂做的文字。 如果沒有Desteni或Eqafe我很難想像,我現在會是怎樣的人,如何的不支持我自己、我的身體的方式生活及與身邊的人事物相處。” ~ Shevon

Personal interviews

Discover New Sides of Yourself With A Private Interview

My experience and review of the private interview I received through the eqafe site was everything and more then I could have imagined. I did in fact for a moment try and imagine what was going to be said in this interview, how it would come out, and what I will learn from it, though […]