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My Life Support

“Eqafe has been an intricate part of my life for many years now. The weekly recordings have become part of my very being to the point where when I’m out in my day, living my life, working, with family, with friends, or with my animals… there are many times when something I’ve heard in an […]

Relationship to Money

How to Find Your Passion Without Chasing Money

Find the original post here: I was able to sit in on this interview recording which discusses the problems money can create in our lives, and how it can flatten our passions and work when it becomes the starting point of whatever it is we become involved with. I will first share the questions […]

Health Private Interview

Healing My Physical Body

I have asked for an individualized interview through the Portal with my physical body and especially with my large intestine, so that I can understand more what is going on within my physical body and use symptoms as support for myself to walk through certain patterns within the mind consciousness system in/as myself. “My large […]

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A Unique Private Interview: My Christmas Gift to Myself and My body

For quite some time I have been struggling with points related to my body. It was various points having to do with anything from eating to relaxing and exercising, all point to something in my relationship with my body being ‘out of whack’. I just couldn’t find the red thread in it all. I have […]

Personal interviews

Can Private Interviews With Sunette Change Your Life?

Hello, my name is Ryan Tang. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Sunette, Desteni farm and EQAFE store for giving me a precious chance to have private interviews specifically about me, and my process through the assistance of the interdimensional Portal. The private interviews do share a lot of significant points which are […]

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How Gossip can Ruin Your Life

Gossiping – it’s something that seems to just form part of social life -where we talk shit about people behind their backs to others. Sometimes it is used deliberately to sabotage a person’s position or status, other times it seems harmless and innocent – but it’s not. The Life Review ‘Facing Gossip’ is about a […]

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Self-Neglect – And How To Correct It

A couple of awesome and inspiring interviews have been released from Eqafe in the last few days covering the subject self-neglect. Here are links to the products: Self Neglect: How you Neglect Yourself – Atlanteans – Part 307 Self Neglect: Changing the Pattern – Atlanteans – Part 308 Self Neglect: Awareness Emerges – Atlanteans – […]