EQAFE Stories Reviews

My Life Support

“Eqafe has been an intricate part of my life for many years now. The weekly recordings have become part of my very being to the point where when I’m out in my day, living my life, working, with family, with friends, or with my animals… there are many times when something I’ve heard in an […]

Mental Health Self-Relationship

Changing My Relationship to Memories Discussing recordings on about Memories and the impact they had on me to re look at my approach towards memories and current situations in my life in order to stick to the facts and limit myself and manipulate or distort reality to fit a story that suits me to the way that I’d like to […]


The Channeled Message from the Owl

Eqafe Review Adam Closs The Animal Kingdom series: The Channeled Message from the Owl Listen to one of Eqafe’s many free recordings! A being talks about their existence as an owl, giving an inter-dimensional dimensional perspective of how owls see themselves, experience themselves … the history of Owls, how it is that Owls came […]