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My Life has Changed for the Better

“My life has changed over my time with Eqafe, certainly for the better. People in my life have even said things like “I have noticed a big change in you Jim, you are much more stable, confident, happy and full of life”. So thank you very very much Eqafe! I find each of Eqafe’s interviews […]


Eqafe is like a candy store – except it is different

I listen to recordings from Eqafe almost every day. It is kind of like being a kid in a candystore, except here I get to pick between in depth and practical life advice, relationship support, and learning about existential history. At the moment I am busy re-listening to the parenting series, a series that in […]


My Favorite Series on EQAFE

My Favorite series on EQAFE used to be the Life Review series because… who doesn’t like to hear a good story and at the same time learn some valuable life lessons? But now, I have to say that the Atlanteans series takes the cake for me – and here’s why: In the Atlanteans series every […]