Lower Back Pain

Eqafe recieved this Review, Thank you for the review Anthony F.

Lower Back Pain (Part 1) – Quantum Physical/Lower Back Pain (Part 2) – Quantum Physical write up

I purchased these 2 interviews recently, as I had this quite strong lower back pain and it seemed to come literally out of nowhere. I was in my car at the time/at the park. I’ve had a long history of back pains. My father also had a long history of back pains.

With this lower back pain in my life, I know it also had to do with my posture. So physically I was not aware enough to keep my back straight for example, to avoid slouching. I corrected that. And so I hadn’t had this lower back pain for a while. This was like quite strong as I said and lasted for about 10 minutes. I was breathing during it too which assisted a lot and so I could allow my body to heal effectively.

So I wanted to find out more, naturally. I was glad to find these 2 interviews. I first purchased part 1, and was blown away by it! So I immediately got part 2 straight after. They shed so much light. So thankful, seriously. It made perfect sense. What the lower back pain correlated to, it was a point that I have faced a lot in my life. And I am still most definitely working on this point, hence the flare up of this lower back pain.

I also learnt many other awesome forms of assistance and support which I will most definitely be taking with me now and for the rest of my life to quicken the process of healing of my lower back pain and to avoid it flaring up again.

Highly recommend these, because I also know lower back pain is extremely common. You won’t be disappointed here!

Lower Back Pain (Part 1) – Quantum Physical

Lower Back Pain (Part 2) – Quantum Physical

Anthony F

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