My Favorite Series on EQAFE

My Favorite series on EQAFE used to be the Life Review series because… who doesn’t like to hear a good story and at the same time learn some valuable life lessons?
But now, I have to say that the Atlanteans series takes the cake for me – and here’s why:

In the Atlanteans series every emotion and feeling is discussed. Let’s say, insecurity. You will find out what the nature and the origin of insecurity is, how to work with insecurity, what sound to use when applying self-forgiveness on insecurity and what extra corrective tools to apply when insecurity comes up and why. So, what the Atlanteans have created and are still buys adding to, is an encyclopedia of all the experiences that can come up in a person’s life and map out exactly where those experiences come from and why they exist.

Here, what is especially cool is that they will go further than merely say ‘it is an experience in your mind, it is generated by your mind and comes from your mind’. No, they’ll actually take you back in history and show you the origin of an emotion/feeling (that now is experienced in/through the mind) and how that first existed on a beingness level, or show what acceptances and allowances on a beingness level made it possible for that experience to be created and manifested.

And this is the key to everything Desteni, where we learn to work with our minds in a practical way by asking ourselves: Where is this coming from? What does this say ABOUT ME? What do I need to change in me to resolve this inner conflict?

The Desteni Process is not about the mind, it never was about the mind, it’s always been about life and how to truly LIVE, where we learn from what our minds are showing us about us, to change all the points within us that have been preventing and making it impossible for us to actually live.

Sometimes experiences in your mind can be so overwhelming and you just don’t know where to start or how to approach them. And this is where the Atlanteans can immediately ground you by giving your perspective of what is going on within you exactly, how you created it, where you need to work on within yourself etc. Hearing the interviews immediately changes the dynamic between yourself and your mind or the experience within your mind, because suddenly you’re empowered to face this point effectively.

This is precisely what the Atlanteans series will gift you with: the tools, the vocabulary, the understanding and perspective to practically and constructively work with what comes up in your mind, each time learning more about yourself, each time, finding your way to yourself and piecing yourself back together again, slowly but surely.

If you haven’t heard any of the Altanteans’ recordings, below is the series on Anxiety, to get a more tangible reference of what I’ve been describing.


The Nature of Anxiety – Atlanteans’ Support – Part 82
Anxiety Support By the Atlanteans (Part 1) – Part 83
Anxiety Support By the Atlanteans (Part 2) – Part 84
Deconstructing your anxiety – Atlanteans’ Support – Part 85
Reliving the Anxiety of the Past – Atlanteans’ Support – Part 86

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