EQAFE Stories Reviews

My Life Support

“Eqafe has been an intricate part of my life for many years now. The weekly recordings have become part of my very being to the point where when I’m out in my day, living my life, working, with family, with friends, or with my animals… there are many times when something I’ve heard in an Eqafe recording comes to mind as a point of support specifically in relation to what I’m facing in that moment. It’s become my own personal database of existential support that I always have access to. No matter what questions I have or what perspective I need to hear, somehow, it’s presented in the recordings and I am reminded of the direction I can take within myself to empower and improve every. single. aspect. of my life.

Life reviews from those that have passed over, our real history from the creators of existence, numerous animals big and small sharing their unique perspective on Life and living for the human… Eqafe is the most crucial and valuable resources we as individuals have at the moment because it’s purpose is to support us to align our living into our absolute best potential, and so our living WITH life equally.

There is A LOT of life here – from nature, to relationships, to our physical bodies, to war and conflict, to the stars and the moon, to the oceans, to the atoms… there seems like an infinity of expressions in this existence we don’t have the ability to understanding completely and or communicate with fully. We do not, on our own, have the ability to directly communicate with LIFE…. But LIFE is still here. There is a lot of beings willing to and are sharing themselves with us and the potential we have together in this Life. Eqafe is that source of access to communicating with Life in all it’s expressions and manifestations.

Imagine being able to hear from the Earth herself… what would she have to say? Imagine being able to hear from famous persons throughout our history… what would they have to share? Imagine hearing from someone shortly after they’ve passed to the other side… what would they want us to know? Eqafe gives us access to all of it.

I know whatever happens in my life I can find a perspective and discussion about it on Eqafe. Eqafe has become the pillar of support pushing me to become my own pillar of support and it surely has created much clarity for me throughout these years. I am more than grateful for Eqafe and those behind the scenes working hard to provide us with the constant support it does… it has been crucial in my development and change as a person.

I feel prepared for what I may face in life because I know, through Eqafe’s support, how to trust myself, take responsibility for myself, direct myself, communicate with others, and navigate through this thing we call life. There is SO much to be known, waiting just beyond the veil, to be discovered and I feel fortunate to have been one of the people in this world to have discovered it. Thank you, Eqafe!”

~ Kristina


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